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E-Safety for Parents

Technology is now an essential part of modern life. At Villiers Primary School we believe that enabling pupils to understand and apply ICT/e-Learning is vital for their ability to function as individuals in this modern technologically based society. The school has a duty to provide pupils with quality technology as part of their learning.

Villiers Primary School offers a curriculum that is enhanced by integrating ICT across all subject areas, promoting enjoyment, a personal sense of fulfilment, achievement and the life skills that will help our children thrive in the 21st Century.

As the uses of online technological resources grow, so has the awareness of risks and potential dangers which arise for their use. Villiers aims to prepare its learners to be able to thrive and survive in this complex digital world. As part of the Every Child Matters agenda schools have a duty to ensure that the children in their care are safe and educate them in ways of staying safe.

By placing children young people and families at the heart of the e-strategy, we recognise that learners must have the skills to keep themselves safe in the digital world. This follows the main educational recommendations of the Byron Report (2008) which advises that :-

"In all schools, action is taken at a whole-school level to ensure that e-safety is mainstreamed throughout the school's teaching, learning and other practices."

"100% of schools should have Acceptable Use Policies that are regularly reviewed, monitored and agreed with parents and students."

At Villiers Primary School there are two main approaches to achieving e-safety:

1. Dealing with the “here and now”: informing and making children, young people and their families aware of the benefits and also the potential dangers of working on-line.

2. Building learning opportunities to develop children and young people as safe and e-confident learners, enabling their families to understand and support them in this area of their lives.


Useful Documents

As the summer holiday approaches please find below the following documents that are general safety advice provided by West Midlands Police & Wolverhampton Council to help stay safe.

Conversation Starters for Parents/Carers

Esafety tips for Parents/Carers

Immobilise Poster

Keeping Yourself Safe

Love Your Phone

NSPCC Advice on Gangs Helpline

Parents CEOP

Silent Solutions

Snapchats Maps

Useful Links