New Class


We wish that we could have met with all of you before the Summer holidays, unfortunately that has not been able to happen. We know that meeting your new class teacher is a special and sometimes anxious time. We have therefore made some short videos so that you can see your new teachers, hear their voices and find out a little about what you will be learning next year.  


Mrs Westwood


Mrs Bradburn


Miss Astbury

Mrs Parcell

Mrs Woodward Miss Stimpson

Year 1

Miss Cole

Mrs Edwards

Miss Doyle

Year 2

Miss Potts

Mrs Phillips

Year 3

Miss Ball

Mr Cullen

Miss Compton

Miss Guest

Year 4

Mrs Craft

Mrs Brown

Ms Harris

Year 5

Mr Mundy

Miss Cox

Mr Green

Year 6

Miss Potts

Mrs Ellis

Mrs McKenzie

Mr Moss