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Our Values

Welcome to Villiers Primary School. Over the years Villiers has grown from a fairly small One Form Entry School to a very large Primary School currently educating nearly 630 children making us one of the largest Primary Schools in Wolverhampton. We recognise the trust parents place in us to keep their children happy and safe, placing this at the heart of everything we do.

The school has many strengths. We are proud of our standards in all areas of school life and are extremely pleased that our recent Ofsted Inspection judged us to be a 'good' school. Indeed, we will now strive for all aspects of the school to reach the same 'Outstanding' judgement of our Early Years Foundation Stage. We are committed to providing the very best education for the children and families we serve whilst maintaining strength in many other activities such as Performing Arts, Drama and Sports.

We know that parents are anxious for high standards of achievement, within a framework of good behaviour so encourage all children to 'Work hard. Be Kind'. We believe this simple motto sits at the centre of the behaviour choices children face in life. Every day we encourage children to think about their actions and whether they support our motto...if not, what choice could they make that does? We believe we are developing young people with independent skills to make responsible choices.

We also know that whilst recognising the need for a modern curriculum, the retention of traditional values is also an important issue. Our aims have always been, and still are, simple ones; concentration on the acquisition of basic skills, an insistence on smart appearance, good manners and respect, all within a happy and safe environment where purposeful learning can take place.

We believe in the value of exposing children to reasonable and fair competition in School. We enter Leagues and events with enthusiasm, though, hopefully, never forgetting the need to develop concepts of sportsmanship and fair play.

Finally, we try never to lose sight of the fact that our pupils are young children, with young children’s needs for care, attention and guidance. We hope they find School a place of security and happiness.

Mrs L Westwood

Head Teacher

Our Trustees

Gill Morris (CEO)

Chris Tagg (Chair)

Caroline Nightingale

Vice Chair

Charlotte Pook

Gary Gentle

Gill Bladon

Our Performance Tables

SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) tests are given at the end of Year 2 and Year 6. They are used to show your child's progress compared with other children born in the same month. The mean (average) score for each age group on an assessment is set at 100 and the standard deviation at 15. For any age group, a given numerical value has the same meaning in terms of standing relative to the group. For example, an eight-year-old and a nine-year-old, each of whom has a standard age score of 105, have performed equally well in relation to the average for their respective age groups.

Writing Assessment

Writing is teacher assessed regularly and independent evidence of writing is collected in Golden Writing books. Staged targets are included at the front of writing books and are completed once a child is secure in a skill and it has been evidenced consistently in separate independent pieces of writing. Teachers use the staged targets to keep track of progress, find gaps to identify targets and move pupils learning forward. Termly cross-school moderation of writing takes place in staff meetings.

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