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(English as an Additional Language)

Did you know that our children can speak 30 different languages at Villiers?


We love to celebrate our differences in many different ways.

Some of the wonderful things we do to celebrate diversity in our school include:

  • Celebrating International Mother Language Day

  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity Day

  • Celebrating Refugee Week

Language Ambassadors

As part of our Pupil Leadership Team, we have Language Ambassadors in KS2 who support children who speak English as an Additional Language. They may support with translating, introduce children to new friends on the playground and be a ‘buddy’ in class for children who need it. These children have their photos on display in school and wear a badge so that they are easy to identify by their peers.

School of Sanctuary

Here at Villiers, we pride ourselves on being a place of safety and inclusivity for all of our children and families. We welcome everyone to the school as an equal member of our community, regardless of their background. For that reason, we aim to become a School of Sanctuary.


A School of Sanctuary:

  • Is a place of welcome for all.

  • Educates about why people are forcibly displaced.

  •  Recognises that the UK is enriched by new arrivals.

  • Supports pupils from all backgrounds to feel seen, supported and included

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