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Physical Education

Our Physical Education aim at Villiers Primary school is to help provide all our children with an extensive range of opportunities that allow them to practise the fundamental skills during lessons that are needed to succeed through their four strands of personal development: Physical Me, Social Me, Healthy Me and Creative Me. Furthermore, children are highly encouraged to participate in regular competitions both in school and out, helping build healthy competition and resilience, which they can transfer holistically across their development. Leadership is an imperative skill that is encouraged and driven wherever possible through child-led learning.

Children at Villiers Primary School are developed holistically, through all areas of the curriculum. We encourage children to take part in as many competitions as possible, both in school and out, ensuring they learn mutual respect and tolerance with others within game situations. Our children are able to participate in swimming lessons every other week- all year round. We are also proud to have won the Sainsbury`s Gold Award four years in a row until 2018.

As a result of the pandemic, recognition of physical education provision has been graded by Active Black Country.

Villiers Primary School is pleased to have achieved 'Excellent Status'. 

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