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At Villiers Primary School we know that being fluent in the English language is an open door to the whole curriculum and many other opportunities. Vocabulary exposure through our reading is a focus and children are submersed into an extensive selection of books to support this.


We aim to provide our children with a vast collection of skills and knowledge that they can implement whilst at Villiers and carry with them into the future. With high prominence, creativity is encouraged throughout their learning process through inspiring pupil voice and independent thinkers, centring learning on Speaking and Listening. We take great pride in offering ‘hooks for books’ which are based around practical or artistic activities linking to the up-coming text. This allows children to fully engage in the book, which are linked thematically where possible to non-core subjects. To develop confident writers, we offer opportunities for children to analyse fiction, non-fiction and poetry, plan their ideas, embed skills, draft and re-draft to publish a final piece. Fundamentally, we aim to deliver a creative English curriculum which our children thoroughly enjoy and engage with, helping them develop holistically.


National Storytelling Week

Just a few Out Of This World class shared stories created for National Storytelling Week!

Any children who have written their own stories have been rewarded with a certificate and bookmark - well done everyone!


Our National Story Week chosen class stories:

Nursery- My Mom the Superhero by Keith Hanks

Year 1- I’m Special - I’m Me by Ann Meek

Year 2 - Blanche and Rocky by Stephen Gulbis

Year 3 - Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Year 4 - The Saga of Eric the Viking by Terry Jones

Year 5 - Stories from Around The World by Maisie Chan

Year 6 - The Owls have Come to Take Us Away by Ronald L. Smith

            - Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman


English Hubs Graduation

We are celebrating the fact we have completed the Department for Education Hub programme focussed on 'Transforming  your School's Reading Culture'.


English Hooks

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