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About our School

Our School Rules

Work hard. Be kind.

Choose to lead.

Choose to learn.

Choose to listen.

Choose to look after.

Our School Statement of Intent

Our aim is to provide our children with an understanding of the huge range of opportunities available to them in the future and to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to seize these opportunities.

At Villiers Primary School the curriculum is designed to:

· Develop confident, passionate readers.

· Recognise, embed and build-on children’s prior learning.

· Provide first-hand learning experiences which develop vocabulary, curiosity and allow the children to apply their learning.

· Give opportunities to discover hidden talents, skills and new passions.

· Create independent thinkers who are aspirational, confident and excited to challenge low expectations.

· Develop the attitudes and values which will support children to grow as happy and successful individuals

· Support children in understanding the importance of physical and mental health.

· Promote positive choices, asking children to ‘choose to listen, learn, look after and lead’.

· Understand the impact of Covid-19 on all children, in order to support their well-being, as well as to promote rapid catch-up from lost learning.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual and expected to follow the school ethos – Work hard. Be kind. We celebrate inclusion and diversity at Villiers and we believe that our differences make us stronger as a community. The curriculum is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values, with a vision to prepare all children for life beyond primary school. We strive to provide enrichment opportunities to engage learning, not just with our children but also with our families.

Villiers is a family - both caring and nurturing, and supportive and challenging, and our families are key to our success. Community involvement is an integral part of our curriculum. Our doors are always open to families, external agencies, other professionals and community groups.

Children leave Villiers with a sense of belonging to a tightly-knit community, where they have the confidence and skills to pursue their dreams, by building relationships, applying themselves and being resilient in the face of adversity.

School History

When Villiers Primary opened, George V was king and Ramsey MacDonald was Prime Minister.

Britain granted independence to Iraq and Forest Mars produced the first Mars bar.

James Chadwick discovered the neutron and Elizabeth Taylor and William Roache were born. The first broadcast from the newly opened BBC Broadcasting House took place and local councils were encouraged to engage in widespread slum clearance.



When Villiers Primary opened its doors in 1932, one name on the register was that of Olwyn Greenwood.  She has continued to support the school for a number of years and has donated an award for children to win each year.

In a sign of how attitudes to healthy eating has moved on since the 1930’s lunch at the time was typically toast topped with dripping.



Villiers Primary has had only 8 Head Teachers through the years of its existence.

Mr Lenton, Mr Owen, Mr Slater, Mr Bailey, Mrs Lanni, Mr Cocker, Mrs Maskell and our current Head, Mrs Rogers.



The school’s log book from its earlier years provide a fascinating insight into some of the events which took place during the first half of its life to date. The content of each log book varies according to the head teacher compiling the entries, but, they also contain valuable clues to how things were done in the past.


Don Powell  - drummer who founded the English glam rock group, Slade.

Donald George Powell was born on the 10th of September 1946 in Bilston as the second of four children of steelworker Walter Powell and wife Dora.

Siblings' names: Carol, Derek and Marilyn.

Don was educated at Villiers Primary School and Etheridge Secondary Modern School for Boys. As a child he joined the Boy Scouts where he played the bugle before being offered to try out the drums. He also joined the local police force boxing club, fancying himself as a prize fighter, but had to leave in the end because of an ear infection. He then took up athletics for a couple of years as his main hobby alongside the Scout drums.
Don couldn't afford a drum kit at first so he practised on a borrowed one and word got around that he was good. He was offered to play in The Vendors, one of the popular groups in the area at that time, and had to have his dad sign an HP agreement for his first set of drums. The Vendors recorded a 4 track EP that was released in France only.

In the meantime Don had left school and completed a college course in metallurgy at Wednesbury Technical College before getting a job in a foundry in Wolverhampton. He worked there for over a year before turning pro as a drummer with The 'N Betweens, the new name of The Vendors, who eventually became Slade.

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