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Villiers Alumni

Welcome to Villiers Alumni page. We are celebrating the achievements of past pupils from throughout the ages. If you would like us to add you to our page, please get in touch. 

Thomas Mason

Hello there, my name is Thomas Mason and I am a previous student at Villiers Primary, studying from 2004 until leaving to join Moseley Park for my secondary education in 2012. Villiers Primary provided me with incredibly solid foundations which I have taken through my educational journey which now sees me attending Keele University studying Psychology with the option of a placement year. The school itself provided me with a friendly, supportive educational environment allowing me and fellow students to learn creatively, as well as giving us the ability to learn in our own ways that best suited us. As well as this, Villiers also offered us added support for certain subjects or aspects of learning we struggled with. I myself struggled with writing, and the ability to express my ideas or thoughts on paper. After noticing this, Villiers then provided me with classes to improve my writing skills, as well as workshopping how I could convert my thoughts in a cohesive, professional matter. Using these skills, and learning to master them throughout my education, it has led to me winning a grant totalling £1,000 due to the professionalism and analysis of an essay displaying the cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies in relation to poverty, both domestically and internationally. Without the extra help given to me from Villiers, I feel that it is a big part of why I have been able to achieve what I have done so far, and will continue to help me through the rest of my educational career as well as my chosen career after my degree has concluded.


As well as this, Villiers also gave me the option to represent them in sports. Having always had a love for football, being given the chance to play centre half in an unbeaten season for Villiers is one of my proudest achievements when looking back at my time in the school. What I loved most was the ability to travel to different schools, representing the school going on to win, which was always rewarding. Not only was representing the school fun, but it gave me personally a competitive edge, not only as an individual, but on behalf of the team. This has helped me further on in life as it has opened doors to play, as well as coach GB American Football. Without Villiers instilling me with a competitive mentality as well as allowing me to have fun with sport, I do not feel that I would’ve gone on to achieve what I have so far.

Hopefully this has given you an indication as to what Villiers has given me, allowing me to go on to go onto university as well as representing Great Britain in American Football. In my opinion I feel I could not have had a better Primary education, as it allowed me to excel with my interests, as well as providing me with support when I needed it.

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