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Villiers Pupil Leadership Team

School Council Members

Our School Council is made up of a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl. We also have four houses that all children belong to.  These are Moon, Sun, Stars and Earth.  Each house has two Captains and two Vice Captains.  These 20 children are all selected by staff, based on their applications, from our Year 6 children.

We also have one School Council member from each class from Year 1 up to Year 5.  This makes 35 children in total.  These children are voted for by their peers in a very life like election, which is run by Year 6 children.

They all attend weekly meetings that follow an agenda to check attendance, share minutes from previous meetings, address any matters arising and to discuss suggestions or concerns from all pupils.

These children then feedback to their classes to share points discussed within the meeting.

Our children take part in a Parliament Workshop which is delivered in school by staff from the Houses of Parliament. 

This is a council for the children, run by the children to give all children a voice in our school.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Introducing to you some of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors: Ava-Pearl, Isaac, Lacey, Anushka, Dominic, Max, Niamh, Zia, Carter, Corey and Paulina.


Before the Summer, these eight children had training to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors as part of the Diana Award, supported by HRH The Duke of Cambridge. They are very proud to now be fully qualified, with the certificates to prove it! This training gave the children the abilities and confidence to tackle bullying in school. Going forward, you will be hearing a lot more from the Ambassadors about anti-bullying campaigns they will be running throughout the school and helping out children with their worries. In the meantime, if you need help with an issue, you can spot one of our Ambassadors by their Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Badges and high visibility vests – they’ll be happy to help!


Language Ambassadors

Meet our Language Ambassadors.



Coming soon!

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